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How to change the language of Windows 10 without reinstalling anything


Depending on where you downloaded Windows 10, it may not be in Arabic, English, or the language of your choice. Fortunately, contrary to what imaginable, the system does not need to be reinstalled in order to change its language.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, there were great difficulties in changing his language. But now it's changed with Windows 10, in fact, this process does not require the use of external software, just needs to be connected to the Internet to download the language package.

Even after you make a change in the language of Windows 10 with the process described below, you can return to the previous setting at any time.  

How windows 10 language has changed
As mentioned above, before continuing to the detailed instructions, just make sure you are connected to the Internet where you will be asked to download the language package. From this, see how to continue:

Press the "Win+ I" keys together to open the Windows Settings screen.

 From the menu on the left, click on "Region and Language";


  Click "Add language";

Select the desired option;

Wait until the download is done, select it, and enter "Options". Use the "Download language pack" option;
Back to the "Area and Language" screen, click the language you downloaded and use the "Set as default" option;

Restart your computer.
After you have changed the language, remember that the installed programs will remain the same as in the previous language, i.e. their language will remain the same until a manual exchange is made.

If you're using the latest version of Windows 10, the process will still be easier. Just follow the same step mentioned above until the fourth step. A message will then appear asking if the downloaded language should be used as "display language", marked and the process will be completed.