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How to activate the parental control on video game platforms


Although distance learning will make your children safe from the widespread epidemic, it will also make them more vulnerable to mental distractions. Therefore, there must be parental control over the child's use of computers, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and smartphones, so that parents can be sure that the game is separated from schooling.

 Work and education from home because of the global epidemic is a challenge for all. The change in the education system is the most difficult for parents with children to take care of in these new circumstances. The distance education system will continue in educational institutions for several weeks to come, in order to achieve social spacing, which will make all children of all ages study online.

Preparing your child to return to school does not depend on making sure they have the right electronic devices, but also ensuring that they have a distraction-free environment, as video games are one of the most important distractions for any child studying from home online.

Modern video game consoles, fortunately, have the advantage of parental control, whether or not to determine the compatibility of games with regional laws, or by limiting how long a child can look at the screen and other features, and that additional feature has become a legitimate selling point. You can activate the child follower feature on your phone or PC. All this and we don't yet know what features will be available in the Xbox Series X, it's hard not to offer Sony and Microsoft parental control in their new version as they are already present in their previous version.

The guidelines we will provide will undoubtedly get students to focus on studying while studying in distance education this fall. You just have to make sure you don't lose your parental control pin.

How do you activate the parental control on your phone and PC?

You can prevent your children from using video games, despite the severity of this, but phones and computers are also distractions, but at the same time, the student cannot do without them as they need to attend their lessons while learning at home. Because these devices are multifunctional, they require comprehensive parental control, available for parental control and parental control applications for the phone, those that provide parental control.

There are many apps to choose from to activate the parental control on your phone and PC. These apps allow you to determine how many games your child can play on their personal device when they can play them, how long they can continue to play, and you can't need an external software to set those rules, for example, iOS device allows its function programs to set restrictions on phone content, and set playtimes.

When you buy a computer for electronic games, besides installing parental control apps, you should know what games have to offer. Often when purchasing an electronic gaming platform such as Steam developed by the digital company Valve, it contains games for adults only, so the family situation must be activated... Then you can decide which games your child will play, and you can decide when to play.

When kids don't play video games, they like to watch others play them through live video games through Twitch. Although parents can control the privacy and messaging options, they can't stop the broadcast or set a time to watch the live stream, so parents should block The Twitch's website.



How to activate Nintendo switch parental control:

Video game platform Nintendo Switch is one of the top 3 video game makers.

Nintendo Switch remains to make players of all ages feel fun like Mario, Pokemon, and other games. But the company has made a mistake... Requiring friends to exchange long codes with each other to 

play together online, and instead of providing voice chat while playing, Nintendo Switch requires players to use phone apps, which may expose the child to using an app that doesn't suit him. In return, Nintendo Switch offers a real protection app for children, which is available on Android and iOS device devices and allows for the setting of playtimes.

Imposing a restriction on children's content through a list of desirable games and a blocklist for unwanted games, there is nothing inappropriate in a game like Cadence of Hyrule, but a game like Zelda with its amazing thrills and music will make it difficult to control the child's sleep schedules where you will attract him so badly!!! Like any parental monitoring tool, the app allows you to review the data to see what your child loves most. Photos and videos are posted on social media, but you can control that feature as well.

Follow the steps below to activate the protection system on the Nintendo Switch video game platform:

  • Click on System Settings, then parental controls, and so on - even without the app we mentioned - you can block child-friendly games, restrict communication and disable virtual reality
  • If you download the app, follow parental controls instructions, which will appear on the screen.
  • When you use the phone app, you'll be able to select playtime and block inappropriate content




How to activate the parental control on PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 video game platform is the most popular in the market, serving a large number of people, up to 100 million players, so it also offers parental control.

This PlayStation 4 parental control feature makes you place any restrictions you want on your child's personal account: limiting playtimes, banning mature games, R-rated Blu-ray movies, controlling communication by blocking unwanted messages and friendship requests, providing the ability to upload user content, and controlling the virtual reality feature of PlayStation, as it not only affects the child's eye, but also affects its focus in class;

Follow these steps below to activate the protection feature on the PlayStation 4:

  • When you create an account on your PlayStation 4, list family members, including children.
  • Give yourself a permit or any personal account of a mature individual to take care of your child's activities.
  • In your PlayStation 4. Click on System Settings, Parental Controls, family management, to activate time limits, block certain content, etc.




How to activate the parental control on Xbox One

Xbox One has spread to the market, but Xbox Live is notorious because of the voice harassment of players. Microsoft has therefore moved to develop the Xbox, making it easier to use and fit into the family situation.

By inserting a list of family members on the console or online, you can set different limits for each user, by app Xbox Family Settings app. You can select playtime, rating, and spending on games, and you'll be able to receive notifications about the duration of the game. And so your kids will focus on their studies. This feature you'll find in all versions of Microsoft that you can play on: Xbox and Windows 10 PC. Currently, adults can only access Microsoft's XCloud service, possibly because the service has not yet been fully operational.

Follow these steps to protect your Xbox and Windows 10:
● To approve Xbox purchases; go to the operating system, sets, account, family management permissions (family to manage permissions for child family members), and Windows 10 computers you can manage family uses through a Microsoft account.
● You can limit playtime, block communication, and block mature content.
● To buy Xbox; provide your children's personal account, enter Privacy & Online Safety, Xbox Live privacy, view details & customize, buy and download. Microsoft's personal account can be activated on your PC.