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How do you extract text from videos on your Mac computer?


Sometimes you might want to save text from a YouTube video, text in a picture in a tweet, text from a PDF document and keep it for later reference or editing, but because of the restrictions on previous items, it may not be easy, as you may resort to taking a screenshot instead.

Taking a screenshot may seem like a practical solution if you're using a Windows PC, but if you're using apple's Mac, TextSniper lets you easily do so by extracting any text within the selected part of your screen and converting it into editable text.
What is textSniper and how does it work?

TextSniper is an app that you can buy once for $6.99 and use it on three macOS computers, with a free week trial period, allowing you to take text from a graphic PDF file or image containing text or text from running video content and convert it into real text.

The app uses Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, which lets you select any words that appear on your screen, regardless of their format, convert them into text, and then paste them into any document, such as Word for later or edited reference.


It's worth noting that the app works great with regular text, but sometimes you may find errors in text that copy images or videos when there are a lot of icons like you might find in code, and if you use macOS Sur Big, the app supports many languages, including: English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German, while supporting macOS Catalina and older Versions only.
How do you use the app?

After installing textSniper from their site via this link, or the Mac App Store via this link – but in the Apple Store you'll find its price is $2 higher because of Apple's currency – in a Mac computer, you'll need to set a shortcut in the keyboard to call the app when you need it, and then if you want to save text from a video all you have to do is call the app by pressing the shortcut key you already set in the keyboard.

Then you just select the text as if you were taking a screenshot, and the app will copy the selected text to your clipboard so that you can easily paste it anywhere you want, and you can also make the clipboard added so that you can copy multiple lines of text from different sources and add it at once.