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Google tests the presentation of TikTok and Instagram videos in search results


Google is currently testing a new feature that will feature TikTok videos, Instagram and other short videos in search results, meaning that instead of opening individual apps to watch short videos, one will be able to see them in Google search results, and according to TechCrunch, the move "could help the company retain users looking for entertainment across video platforms."
A series of short videos were first spotted earlier this year at Google Discover, and the custom interface can be found in the Google Mobile app and on the left of the home screen in Android phones, after which a short video library was provided to identify Android users.
The feature has collected videos from platforms such as YouTube, Google  Indian rival TikTok Trell and Tangi, and the feature's expansion to include Instagram and TikTok videos was first monitored by Search Engine Roundtable via Brian Freiesleben's tweet, and this feature can be accessed when one searches for "packages" in the Google app.
TechCrunch's report explains that this "short videos" library is different from Google Stories, where the story feature, formerly known as "AMP Stories,", was introduced in October 2020 to the Google Search app, is available for both iOS and Android devices and consists of short videos, and content is usually created by Google's online publishing partners such as USA Forbes Today and others.