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fujifilm gfx 100s comes in 102 megapixels


Fujifilm unveiled the GFX 100S with a 102-megapixel sensor and a compressed body, so it's smaller than Panasonic's Full Frame S1R camera and slightly heavier than the Canon R5 and Sony's A7R IV.

The camera has many features that Fujifilm has already developed in GFX cameras, including in-body installation, enhanced autofocus, and 4K recording capability.

The GFX 100S was unveiled alongside the newly designed X-E4 and features a 102-megapixel backlit sensor.

"This allows for the production of high-detail images with sufficient dynamic range to allow for post-production adjustments," Fujifilm said.

You can get up to 400 MP higher resolution shots with Fujifilm's Pixel Shift Multi Shot, if you're ready to use a tripod.

This camera represents a miniature and easier version of the GFX 100 released by the company in 2019 for $10,000.

The GFX 100S looks different from all previous GFX cameras, as they are smaller, have a weather-resistant bodyweight of only 900 grams, and now have a large overhead display instead of the shutter speed disc found in the GFX 50S, and the mode disc instead of the ISO disc.

With the company's latest X-Processor, the camera can shoot up to 5 frames per second, shoot 4K videos at up to 30 fps, and 1080p slow motion at 60fps.

The camera has USB-C and Micro HDMI ports, two UHS-II SD card openings, and two 3.5mm microphones and headphones.

The GFX 100S is available in March for $6,000 per body only, and Fujifilm also launches a new 80-millimeter GF lens with an f/1.7 aperture that month, which should address concerns about the lack of quick options for GFX, to be sold for $2,300.