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Find out what a hacker can do to you if he knows your mobile phone number


Imagine this: meet your friends for a weekend at the nearest pub. In the place, you meet an attractive person and give him your mobile phone number. Think about it. Well, you may not know, but sharing your number is very dangerous.

But why? Simple, we'll ask you a simple question: Do you remember all the personal data associated with your phone number? Have you ever thought about what would happen if this information fell into the hands of an intruder? We care about your security and that's why we're showing you today 5 things a hacker can do with your mobile phone number.

Copy your SIM card to send messages as if you were the one to send them

The first step for any penetration of your mobile number is to repeat the SIM card. This means that the hacker will contact your operator, pretend to be you, and try to duplicate your SIM card.

To achieve this, the hacker needs your own background data, such as your ID, address, names and titles. And where will the criminal get all this information? Well, access public records on platforms like white pages and search for documents that show your mobile phone. In other words, an intruder can find out all about you just using your mobile number.

So what happens if they can repeat your SIM card? Well, the hacker will send messages as if you were you. At this point, the cybercriminal may deceive and deceive people using your mobile phone number.

Also, by repeating the SIM card, your card will stop working. For this reason, you won't realize that you're a hacking victim until you see that your mobile phone can't make calls or send SMS messages.

Attack your email to access your personal cloud

If the hacker is already able to duplicate and copy your SIM card and send messages to your mobile phone number. Now his next target will be your email, and you'll be able to access it if you connect it to your phone with gmail's two-step verification feature, for example.

That's why the hacker will enter your Gmail without having problems requesting a password change.

In this way, it will penetrate your other spreads associated with mail, such as your YouTube channel like you, and the hacker will be able to see the taxes you pay, your criminal record, or the confidential documents of your work. All your data will be disclosed.

Change passwords for your bank accounts

Banks also use two-step verification when you sign in to your account. The hacker takes care of your money and you won't miss the chance to leave you without a dollar. Keep in mind that he already has all the information needed to do so, such as a SIM card or email.

Do you think you're smart and protect your accounts with security questions? Well, hackers are smarter: with all the information they already have about you, there won't be a problem knowing your mother's middle name or your pet's name... etc., where they can guess all this.

Stealing your social network accounts

With your SIM card already on your email, a hacker just needs to press the "I forgot my password" button to steal your social media accounts.

Attack your family and friends

After everything the hacker has already done to you, there will be one last goal: attack your loved ones. The process will be easier because the perpetrator already knows who your friends and family are thanks to the information he has extracted from social networks. So he will start blackmailing them and asking for a return from them... And so on.

Therefore, by giving your number to someone who is untrustworthy, you are not only exposing yourself to penetration but also exposing your family and friends.

Have you seen everything that would happen if a hacker decided to attack you by simply getting your mobile number? The consequences are very dire. Our advice is that you prevent the telecommunications company from making any copies of the SIM card if you do not personally go to them. And of course, stop giving your mobile phone number to anyone.