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Details of the crisis between Apple and Facebook and the mystery of 2020


Apple and Facebook in dispute this year, and a very big dispute this time reached trivial points between the two companies, all because of the recent iOS 14 updates, the disputes are still going on between the parties and issues and mutual declarations, in order for each company to impose its opinion and freedom, and its laws in the matter, so in this news, we will try to convey the details of the dispute between the two companies, and how IOS updates were the cause of the problem between Apple and Facebook, to talk in detail.

What do we know?

  • Between Facebook and Apple dispute this year.
  • This year due to apple's privacy settings.
  • Facebook says that the new settings.

The big dispute between Apple and Facebook

A major dispute between Apple and Facebook due to the privacy settings of an iOS system where from the beginning of the update iOS 14 Apple added a choice to prevent the application of Facebook, not to prevent but control facebook's access to personal data and private data, since it is now on iOS can not access any data except with the permission of the user granted to him, and at the same time the system will give a full report on what Facebook collects about the person, this is what Apple justified as better for the privacy of the user and save his private data as he likes


While Facebook sees the opposite as an over-restriction, and that Apple should remove these settings, because everything that Facebook collects is not for the penetration of privacy but for advertising, and it does not collect very sensitive data but only data that can be exploited for the purpose of advertising, so Facebook started calling against Apple considering that this is an overly restrictive, but of course Apple sees that what it did is the best for the privacy of the user, and this is what developed the dispute that reached that Facebook removed the authentication mark from Apple's official page, and the invitation between the two companies remains, each company sticking to its opinion against the other

Opinion on Facebook and Apple

The issue of the two companies opinion it is not only that the right at Apple, Facebook goes on with the data it collects excessively, if you go to a restaurant or a store you will find its ads sink Facebook, and if you search for a product on the Internet you will find all the likes on Facebook after, and therefore the limiting of Facebook's access to your data is better than leaving it like this, not against Facebook, but against continuing to collect data that is all used only for the purpose of advertising, why not use it to improve the experience of the site?