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CONAN, an app that checks your entire phone and makes it safe


Digital security issues are very important for any smartphone or computer user today. If we look directly at smartphones, we can see them as databases of personal information that we carry everywhere that we use every day. In this sense, it is necessary to have security levels that allow us to protect information correctly. Therefore, we want to offer you a powerful application that checks the security of your Android device.

Its name is CONAN Mobile and its operation is based on phone analysis to show us security flaws and correct them.

The security aspects of our devices are not limited to a strong password or pattern that no one knows. The Wi-Fi networks we connect to, Bluetooth connectivity activity, and access permissions for each application you use, there are multiple security factors. Although it's a bit complicated, Conan mobile comes to help us.

This app is designed by the Spanish government's National CyberSecurity Institute, to help users manage the privacy and security of their phones. To achieve this, it conducts a deep analysis of the composition of the equipment and shows in the results the defects that we have and how to solve them. 

This analysis will be the first thing the application does when it is installed and has two modes: basic, and complete. After a few seconds, CONAN Mobile will display the results divided into different sections: configuration, applications, permissions, etc. By touching each section, you will be able to access a solution that simply relates to activating or deactivating services. In this part, the app also helps us, where it takes us directly to the relevant list.

CONAN Mobile is a very useful application for all users, keeping in mind that privacy and security are vital factors for our data. If you want to get an Android device completely secure, do the analysis for your phone immediately to check that everything is ok.

App Link: CONAN Mobile