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ChaseApp to find any file in all cloud storage services very quickly

Storing data on hard drives and computerized devices has become the solution for information management. However, this has created new needs and therefore we have come to the famous cloud storage. But there are dozens of these services and we can have accounts in each of them and this complicates the tasks of searching for items. For this reason, we will give you a browser file in the cloud that will improve your productivity.

 Its name is ChaseApp and it is able to link to different storage services and search for files in them.

If we have many files stored in the cloud, it will be a bit difficult to find them quickly at certain times. In addition, this always leaves us relying on the browser as a gateway to our accounts in cloud storage services. This requires that we have some way to focus everything in the same place to quickly and effectively search for files in the cloud.

It's exactly what ChaseApp offers with its functionality, you install it on your operating system and you'll be able to link to all the storage services you use. In this way, the tool reduces the effort of searching for a file, which speeds up the process.

The ChaseApp interface relies on a simple bar where we type a keyword to start searching. Running it and using it is very simple, so to get started, the first thing you should do is start signing in to the services you use.  The software is compatible with Gmail, Google Drive, Notion, Dropbox, Teams and more...

This will allow you to always get your documents at hand, and a simple search away from your computer.  On this basis if you have many cloud storage services and many documents to manage, this program will be very useful.

Link: https://www.chaseapp.io/