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CES 2021: Reveal the launch date of some of the most prominent ps5 exclusives coming


It looks like 2021 will be a busy year for the owners of the new PS5 platform, as Sony unveiled its plans for exclusive third-party games that will be available this year, as well as some of the games to come over the next two years, with a promotional video presented during its participation in the annual CES 2021 technology show.

According to IGN, three of these titles are Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Little Devil Inside and Ghostwire: Tokyo will come this year, in the months of March, July and October, respectively. All of these games are exclusive to ps5 but will be available on pc.

Other games that have been introduced include Stray in October, as well as project Athia project expected from final fantasy developers in Square Enix, which will come in January 2022. Perhaps the most disappointing ad was Pragmata, a mysterious Capcom action, adventure, and sci-fi game, which has been pushed through 2023.

Most of the games mentioned are exclusive for at least two years for PS5 and PC, so owners of the rival Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms may have to wait a bit. You can watch the full view below: