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Ban Xiaomi and add it to the U.S. blacklist


Xiaomi has been added to America's blacklist, which prohibits Or forces U.S. companies to disclose financial transactions and obtain approval before dealing with these companies.

This ban or blacklist is the same list that Huawei was added to by the Trump administration and this decision seems to have appeared today at the end of Donald Trump's term, but it was the last decision taken by the old U.S. government before it was dissolved.

In fact, this ban not only included Xiaomi but also added other companies such as Chinese aircraft manufacturer Comac and a host of other companies.

According to a report published by Reuters and documents obtained, the US government will force US investors and us companies not to deal and give up their shares and profits from new banned companies (i.e. Xiaomi) before November 2021.

There is no clear information whether this ban will mean that Xiaomi will lose access to Google software as happened with Huawei and her company Oner or not but in fact, this is a very possible choice and we may already see it in the coming days and we may see a ban on the use of Android phones for Xiaomi phones.

If this is true, the company will still have 10 months to issue new phones, but after these 10 months, it will not be possible to use Android phones and Google services again.
More news and information about Xiaomi's ban are expected to appear and she will be blacklisted in the coming days.