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Apple tests two first models of iPhone phones with folding screens


New reports reveal that us phone giant Apple has already begun testing some of the iPhone's folding designs, and will eventually choose a design to put it on the market in 2022.

According to the famous American leaker John Prosser, many of his sources claim that Apple is currently developing two folding devices.

The first device comes with two screens and detailed between screens, and the design is very similar to Microsoft "Surface Duo" design, while the second device uses a clamshell design, which looks closer to the design of the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto RAZR.

The device will already be equipped with a folding OLED display, which Samsung will provide, and sources also revealed that Apple is still trying to determine which of these designs it will use because only one design will be available.

However, the report claims that we may have to wait until September 2022 to see the first folding iPhone.
According to a new report by The Economic Daily, Apple has sent a number of prototypes of folding phones to its Chinese suppliers including "Foxconn" and "New Nikko."

For now, the U.S. giant appears to be evaluating whether to use OLED or microLED screens for its folding device, and the decision may affect the manufacturing of the folding device because "microLED" is a new emerging display technology that has not yet been tried but will provide some developments such as additional brightness and saturation at a low energy cost.

The folding iPhone's body will have round edits of stainless steel resembling the iPhone 11, as well as a touch on the face id screen, and a phone will be tested by opening and closing screens about 20,000 to 30,000 times to make sure they are efficient.

The supply chain also states that the hinges used in Apple's iPhone or iPad are mostly coming from New Nikko, and Foxconn will be responsible for assembling this complex device.

For Nico, the development of hinges is commonplace, as it has worked with Apple before to produce hinges for MacBooks.