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apple glass smart glasses patent

Apple has obtained a patent for the smart glasses it has developed as part of the development of an advanced generation of smart devices, a patent in the field of optics registered in the U.S. Patent Office known as USPTO, and is expected to announce the new glasses in the next few years.

Information about Apple  patent for smart glasses

According to the Chinese website Gizchina, this patent was not the first of its kind in the past years for Apple and there are a number of patents in the field of smart glasses, as the site said that the new glasses were designed with a processor with a manufacturing accuracy of about 5 nm, and has enhanced reality technology.

Another information about these glasses is that the company intends to include a number of new features of its kind, including adjusting the brightness ratio with ambient lighting, through the lens system that works to dynamically control the brightness level to adapt to the surrounding conditions, helping to better clarify the user's field of view.

It was also leaked that the new glasses will rely on the operating system known as Glass OS so that the glasses can connect to the iPhone, as well as be able to know the mail messages and notifications received on the phone through them, as well as support for the display of games and maps.

Expected specifications for the new Apple Glass glasses

  • The design of apple's new glasses is expected to carry a traditional design similar to the traditional medical glasses, and its frame will be plastic and another material can be used in the real version of the glasses.
  • The lenses for the glasses will be provided by Apple but at an additional cost on the price of the glasses.
  • Apple's new smart glasses are also expected to be supported by smart wireless charging with a pair of paired holders.
  • One of the expected specifications of the new glasses is apple glass equipped with a depth exploration camera or LIDAR (such as the one in the iPad Pro version 2020), which means more reality or AR technology, plus no other cameras for more privacy.
  • There are 2 virtual screens or one screen with each of the lenses of the new Apple Glass.
  • The Starboard logo will be located on the interface of the glasses and is an interface where the user can interact with gestures.
  • Apple's new glasses can scan the QR code directly.
  •  Apple will not offer the new Apple Glass glasses in the form of a pair of glasses, nor will it offer a solar version because the display of the two screens is not supported by the technology of colored lenses.
  • Apple will rely on iPhones to process apple glass glasses data, so that the total reliance on the iPhone will be as far as the company's first apple watch release.

The expected price for Apple Glass glasses

When we talk about a new product or innovation it means it will be at a high price, but according to recent leaks, the price will not be overpriced and maybe about $499, but not counting the value of the lenses that will be added to the total cost of the order.

Apple Glass sunglasses to be launched

The new version of Apple Glass is expected to be announced in the next two years, a number of details of its subject have been announced during the announcement of the iPhone 12, but the glasses will be offered for purchase later this date.

Special version of Apple Glass glasses and its relationship with Steve Jobs glasses
According to the report from Cult of Mac, the company will launch augmented reality glasses, a limited version of these glasses, featuring the circular lenses that Steve Jobs used to wear.

This version will be named "Steve Jobs Heritage Version", which is the face of the relationship between the new glasses and the name Steve Jobs, but the cost of this version is expected to rise as in the Golden Watch or Apple Watch, which was launched at a financial cost of $10,000 on the market when it was first launched.