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AnTuTu platform reveals top 10 Android phones for December


As a whole, the most famous Chinese testing platform AnTuTu launched its ranking of the top ten Android phones on the market during the last month of the year that we said a few days ago, and the classification clearly shows the control of Chinese phones, especially those of Huawei and Xiaomi, since it is a matter of phones offered in the local market,

According to AnTuTu, the best phone in the level of technical specifications and features in the Chinese market during December 2020 is Xiaomi Mi 11, which was revealed by Xiaomi last December, followed by the second rank Huawei +Mate 40 Pro as one of the best phones in the Chinese market, despite the difficulties faced by the company due to sanctions.

While Huawei again got third place on another phone, Mate 40 Pro, before Xiaomi returned to occupy fourth place with mi 10 Ultra and then in fifth place there is the Redmi K30S phone from Xiaomi  Redmi company, which confirms that Huawei and Sahumi are absolutely in control of the smartphone market in China, and are in addition to Samsung and Apple, the largest manufacturers and sellers of smartphones in the world market.