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A website with free, copyright music to use in your videos

Music is an essential aspect of any audio-visual project. If you're preparing a movie, a documentary, or even a web view, it's important to have one or more audio clips. However, not all of us are in a position to use any music video because of copyright. So, we want to offer you an alternative where you can find a lot of free music for your projects.

 It's called Uppbeat, a website where you can download music for your projects and publish them without copyright problems.

The issue of the soundtrack or music we use in our videos is somewhat sensitive if we intend to upload it to YouTube and monetize it. It is widely known that copyright problems on YouTube are common and can lead to the removal of your video or prevent monetization from it. For this reason, it is necessary to have a copyright-free soundtrack.

When you access the Uppbeat site, you'll immediately receive the catalog in the middle of the screen and the options bar on the left. The catalog in question is divided into different categories depending on mood and music type. Up the site, you will have the ability to download up to 10 tracks per month and access half of the catalog.

When you get any of the tracks available and use them in your videos on YouTube, you'll also need to mention Uppbeat in credits. This way, you can get free music for your videos without copyright hassles.

Link site: uppbeat