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A small tool to find out if someone blocked you on Facebook or not

With the further closure of Facebook accounts due to violations or from users themselves because of the campaign boycott Facebook may think that one of his friends blocked him on Facebook when he does not find it in the search results which may cause problems and confusion so in that blog we will get to know a small tool that lets you know whether this account was closed or not.


 You download the tool from the link below the blog and you decompress it and install it, as usual, knowing that the tool is very small not more than 1 MB and the development of an Arab programmer but it needs an internet connection in order to work.

After the end of the installation of the tool you open it and you will see a simple window that puts the link of the user account that you expect to have blocked on Facebook in the box Use Account URL and then you press check if the account is still working the tool will show a message that the user blocked you.

 If you do not have the account link for that person, it is enough to go to the chat page with that person and copy the URL of the chat page and place it in the box in the image.

The tool will automatically identify this person and get their ID and tell you the same message if the account is still working and that there is a possibility that he has blocked you.
 Download link: up-4ever or at github