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A site to find out the meaning of your family name, origin and history for free


Are you looking to find out what your name means? Want to know what the story of your last name or surname is? Or maybe you want to know the famous people who have been named after you?

It doesn't matter, if you're looking for something related to your name, whether it's its meaning, roots or characteristics, it's in the family search.

It is a reference site and with the best experts in searching for everything you can learn about family names.  You'll discover your family's stories and assets and everything behind them through your last name.

Using a simple new interface, users only have to enter a word, the last name of the family, and the powerful FamilySearch search engine does the rest. You'll see how many people in Family Tree share your last name and where it can be found in the world.

 If you want to learn more about a particular ancestor, you can also enter some additional details in the search, such as first and middle name, place of birth, year of birth, place of death and year of death. . Using these additional details, the new search function can help you find historical documents for your predecessor and even compare their data with family tree profiles.

To try the site go to the following link: family search