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A new site to check if your email or your site has Emotet

One of the largest malicious programming on the planet was dismantled a few days ago by police and judicial authorities from various countries. We are talking about Emotet, which is described as "the most dangerous malware in the world".


Emotet was acting in very different ways. Among them, spreading via email, for example, by controlling victims' accounts by sending messages on their behalf with infected attachments.

Emotet, the world's most dangerous and malicious program, has been dismantled by a global police action.

Therefore, to check whether our email addresses or domains have been used by this malicious software or have been the target of malicious messages, have I Been Emotet has been created.

Those responsible for this portal where professionals from the Italian cybersecurity company TG Soft. What they have done is enable a search engine that allows you to enter an email address or domain and see if it was injured in any emotet attacks.

The database used for this malware that began in 2014 is updated as a Trojan horse, and at the time of writing, it was last updated on January 25. Recently, by the way, Emotet has been vandalized by international authorities. 

link : Emotet