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A comparison of cloud gaming services for smartphones and which is best for you?


The electronic gaming industry has witnessed a great development over the past two years with the emergence of cloud gaming services that support smartphone operating systems, where these services allowed anyone with a smartphone to play with high-level computer games in their phone easily, but what are these services of games, what are their features and the cost of the subscription, and what service should you subscribe to?

Here's a comparison of the top cloud gaming services and which ones are best for you:

Currently, there are three main cloud gaming services officially available to smartphone and tablet users: Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, Google's GeForce Now, and Google's Stadia, while Amazon is currently testing its own cloud gaming service called Luna, which is scheduled to be launched later this year 2021.

First: Xbox Game Pass:



Formerly known as xCloud, the Xbox Game Pass allows users to access more than 100 games for a monthly fee and provides them through streaming rather than downloads, and you must have a Bluetooth controller and a compatible smartphone or tablet, and the service is integrated with the Subscription Service (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), and the subscription costs $14.99 per month.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to more than 100 games you can play on any compatible device, and the subscription also includes the Xbox Live Gold feature to play online games with your friends, with access to eA Play gaming titles, plus all exclusive Microsoft gaming offers will be available to you forever, while third-party games will be available for a while and will be replaced by new games, with a few new games added each month.

It is worth mentioning that you can buy games that are not available in the service directly from the Microsoft Store, but playing them via the service requires a gaming platform (Xbox) only, in addition to playing games not necessarily using a console from Microsoft, where you can use any console supporting Bluetooth from third parties.

The service is now available to users of Android smartphones and tablets, while iPhone and iPad users must use the Safari browser to access games in the service.

Second: GeForce Now: 


Unlike Microsoft's cloud gaming service, GeForce Now does not offer any range of games independently, as you can only play games you already own, where the service allows you to convert your device into a game player, and the subscription costs $24.95 for six months.

The service also offers free subscription membership, but does not contain advanced gaming features, such as: radio tracking, in addition to each one-hour game session, and works on a variety of operating systems, such as: Android smartphones, Windows or Mac computers, Media Player (NVIDIA Shield), iPhone and iPad via via Safari browser.

The service supports platforms: Steam, Epic Games, UPLAY, and GOG, however, not all games are supported for these platforms, so you should first check the invited games via this link.

The company promotes the service as the service that contains most games, supporting more than 900 games you can buy and play directly via your smartphone.

The service also supports a lot of third-party controllers, and the Android-oriented application provides virtual controls if you don't have a controller, and the maximum gaming broadcast resolution in the service is 1080 pixels at a rate of 60 fps, and you can use maximum quality settings for each game, such as x-ray tracking feature by selecting it in each game.

Third: Stadia service:



One of the latest cloud gaming services is Google, where the company states that the service has a promising future with great features now available, such as: streaming games live on YouTube and supporting 4K resolution and HDR, with support for gaming at a rate of 120 fps in the future.

The service lets you buy the games you want to play, but the main difference between them and other cloud gaming services is that they don't support purchases from any third-party stores, so you should buy games through the service's own store itself.

The service offers two subscription plans, free and paid at $10 a month, that allows 4K gaming to be broadcast in 4K as well as access to a growing library of games, which you don't have to buy, currently providing about 120 games you can play directly on your device.

The service also supports many third-party Bluetooth controllers, with its own controller that provides you with much less transition time if you have a problem with response time, and the service works via Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and PCs, as well as via some Chromecast Ultra TVs.

Finally, what is the best cloud gaming service for you?

In general, cloud gaming services have a very bright future that may be the next trend for most technology companies and gaming industry companies, but in terms of choice, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service may be suitable for many because it offers a wide range of games, providing excellent value for money and working with a variety of different consoles.

GeForce Now is excellent if you want to play computer games directly on your phone or tablet at a cheap price, especially if you already have some games on other gaming platforms.

Stadia is one of the most prominent cloud gaming services that have a promising future as it belongs to a giant company like Google, but still its lack of support for third-party stores in particular, as well as the availability of a few free games may be a weakness that will significantly limit the attraction of players.