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Sometimes you may have to reinstall Windows 10 on your computer for any reason, meaning that you have to spend some time reinstalling apps and restoring your data and files again manually, but you can make this process very easy if you previously saved a backup of your data and files.

Today we will review 4 ways to help you easily back up your Windows 10 computer:

1-Use a cloud storage service:

You can use a cloud storage service to back up files and apps in your computer, and then if you reconfigure your computer, install the operating system again, all you have to do is connect to the Internet, sign in to the service you used, install its application, and sync with your computer to recover your files and any settings and apps you've saved again.

2. Always use an Internet-connected backup app:

If you're afraid the operating system will collapse at any moment, it's best to install a backup app, such as Backblaze, and make it permanently connected to the Internet to automatically copy your files to your account in the background.

Then assuming you don't mind stopping for a while downloading your backed-up files, you can easily restore the latest files once you've installed the operating system again, and this approach works best with your profiles, so you don't expect it to be used to restore all previously installed apps and games.

3. Copy your data directly to an external storage disk:

If your computer contains important and sensitive files that you don't want to lose, and at the same time you don't want to save them in a cloud storage service, you can copy them directly into an external storage unit, such as a USB drive.

All you have to do is drag and drop these disk storage files, then disconnect the storage disk once you're done, and you'll have a full backup of these files you can carry with you everywhere, to access them from any other device easily.

 4- Back up the bookmarks separately:

If you have a lot of Bookmarks in your browser and you're afraid to forget them if you install the operating system again, you can use OneTab to integrate them all into one tab, then save them in your cloud storage account, and then after installing the operating system again you can easily import them again.