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4 Features in Oppo Reno4 phones based on Artificial Intelligence to protect your privacy


Smartphones have evolved dramatically in recent times, and we've relied on them for everything more than ever before, but it also means that there are more opportunities to hack our data, so Oppo has put data protection and privacy at the forefront of the reno4 user experience that included 3 reno4, Reno4 Pro and Reno4 Pro 5G phones.

The series has achieved great success in the market thanks to its strong specifications and features, where Oppo has equipped the phones series (Reno4) with a new intelligent sensor enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI-Enhanced smart sensor) known as (AON), to offer some new features that help users to protect their privacy, and to turn on gestures without touching the phone, an attempt made by oppo and its research and development team to make phones smarter and to significantly improve the experience of using their phones.

Today we will review the most important new features of The oppo Reno4 phones, which rely on AI technology to protect your privacy:

1- Smart spy protection feature:

This smart sensor lets you activate the phone's Smart Spy Protection feature, where the sensor uses the front camera and facial recognition algorithms to detect if there is a stranger spying on your phone if you receive a notification and the front camera detects someone else's face next to you looking at the phone screen, the notification content will be automatically hidden to protect your privacy.

To learn how to activate this feature in your phone step by step you can see an article: "oppo Reno4. How to activate smart spy protection to protect your privacy."

2- Turn gestures on without touching the phone:


Gesture recognition has become another common method of human-computer interaction and has been widely used in many areas, particularly in smart cars. As the trend towards innovation in the smartphone industry continues, gesture control will become an inevitable function in smartphones.

Oppo joined this race early with an intelligent artificial intelligence sensor that offers a new feature called Smart AirControl that lets you interact with reno4 without touching the phone screen, allowing you to answer phone calls with hand gestures without touching the phone when your hands are wet or dirty, or performing tasks such as: scrolling up and down through popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and T-Talk Talk by hand-only.

3- Smart screen mode adjustment feature:


Reno4 phones support intelligent screen mode adjustment, when the phone and your face are rotated simultaneously, the smart sensor and position recognition algorithm detect the direction of your face and phone to help determine whether you want to rotate the screen. This feature will be useful for those who prefer to turn on their phones while lying on the bed.

4- Always-on Smart Feature:

Leading Android phones — such as Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, and Google Pixel 5 — support screens that always work with Always-on support, which, when activated, you can take a quick look at your phone to check your phone's time, date, battery charge rate, see any unreadable notifications, control music playback, all without having to press any button or unlock the phone.

However, Oppo has developed this feature in Reno4 phones to become smarter thanks to the intelligent sensor, which can recognize the user's face while looking at the screen and prevent it from being turned off. In addition, a special brightness algorithm will help the sensor work better in low light even when the light level is less than 1 lux, the phone will recognize your face and the screen will still work as long as you look at it.