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3 apps to remove any background of images on Android and how it works

In the subject of processing and editing images on mobile phones, it happened without a doubt, that this type of application is the most present on application stores, and any user must use one of them in order to beautify his personal photos without the need to use the software on the computer and, most importantly, that most of it do not require the user any experience or continuous effort in the editing process.

On a theme in itself, which is to remove backgrounds from the images or the concept of designers "photo dump", fortunately, there are quite a number of these applications have a great ability to empty the image and with one click, yes with one click, and here as noted in the title, we will talk about three of these applications which are the best in their field on Android, so continue reading to get to know them.

Best background removal apps from photos on Android

1. Using photoRoom

The first applications that can be used to empty the wallpaper best images and replace them with another background, we have deliberately put it in the foreground to be your first choice, and the reason for coming with it many tools and features, and this is offset by the possibility of using simple and smooth as will come with us respectively, and before addressing this, we first get to know the most important features, most notably, the tool set a white background instead of the real background, the background jamming tool or its calibration with the same colors and more.

As for usability, after downloading the app, which is available for free via the link below, follow the same steps as you.

First, select the image from the photo gallery by pressing the "+" sign as noted above, but there should also be, the option of using the phone camera.


Now, the app will scan the selected image, remove it immediately and automatically as you notice below, to now come working time, where to replace the background, click the last background icon.

If you want to put a full color as a background, tap the "Fill" option, and to place a picture as a background, choose "Replace" whether by selecting backgrounds from the app itself or wallpaper from your gallery, and for a transparent background, click the "Erase" option.

Finally, once you're done, press the save button at the top left of the screen, and note that the free version of the app puts a watermark by default, and of course to get rid of this watermark you have to pay, however, take one of the shear tools without having to pay.


 Download photoRoom app on Android


2. Using background Eraser 


The next app, which is just as important as the previous app, is an app that helps you separate the background from the image, then replace the background with one of the backgrounds that the app provides us, and much more, and now we show you how to work with it.

First, we need to download the app by going to its page from the GoG Play store via the link below, and after completing the download and installation, go to the app drawer and open it from there.

As you notice how its home screen rotates, what we are interested in is clicking on the option "Load a photo" to import a picture, and when you choose, you will be moved on the shear screen, here edit as you see it is suitable for you and when you finish click on the option "Done" at the top right of the screen, to show you now the interface of work, which includes about three options to remove the background "Auto, Magic and Manua"



More detailed, the option "Auto" will be able to remove the areas of similar colors in the image, but with the option "Magic", it is to detect the edges and wipe them automatically as with magic Wand tool in the photoshop giant, and the last mode "Manua" with it you will be able to remove manually and is a bit tired.

Finally, as you notice in the action interface, there are many other options, the most important of which is the tool to undo and render the implementation of the steps, the brush tool to recover what has been manually removed, with the zoom tool and much more, and after you have finished the removal process, all you have to do to save the image is to press the "Done" option at the top right of the screen.


It is worth noting that the application team has another tool called PhotoLayers that performs the same purpose, and at the same time, both the interfaces of the application and the tools are similar in work and performance, to be able to try it for free as with Background Eraser.

Download background Eraser on Android

3. Finally using an online tool

Everything you will find on the Internet, just work hard a little and you will find dozens of alternatives, and in this regard, we strongly recommend you to use the tool RemoveBG to remove any background from any image you have, and to start using, go to the official service site via your web browser, after that, choose the image to work on after clicking on the option "Upload Image".


Finally, you will benefit from the artificial intelligence of the site and unload your image at lightning speed, and it does not stop there, where by pressing the edit button, you can take advantage of the options of putting wallpapers ready, adding the effect of fox and much more, and to learn more about the site, we have previously singled out a complete article about it you can visit from below.