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2021, the year of smartphones with folding screens?


Xiaomi has plans to launch three folding-screen smartphones in 2021. Another player in the market is expected to launch in the coming months.

In the near future, will we all be users of folding smartphones? The biggest manufacturers, however, seem to be convinced of the potential of these devices. After Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi could be the next manufacturer to embark on this wonderful adventure.

Xiaomi is expected to launch three folding smartphones in 2021, according to painting industry analyst Ross Young. Don't expect the concept of a three-fold smartphone to land. The Chinese language will be satisfied with the use of formats that you know very well.

Accordingly, Xiaomi was planning to proceed cautiously in this niche market. One of the three models will take the Galaxy Z Fold 2 format, the other from Huawei Matt X and another inspired by Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razer.
Oppo, Vivo, and Google (almost everyone) are planning to launch a folding phone

Xiaomi's entry into this market may lead to lower prices. The Chinese giant is known for its aggressive location. So it could push its competitors to market more affordable folding smartphones than in 2021. There is also a rumor about a more expensive model than the Galaxy Z Flip in the coming months.

This transformation of collapsible smartphones should happen faster than expected. Other manufacturers may join the convoy as early as 2021.

The most famous names are Google, Oppo, and Vivo. The American has not officially announced anything, but many rumors point to a folding pixel project. Same story with Oppo and Vivo. For the time being, manufacturers remain cautious, but information from the screen industry indicates that these new competitors are reaching the market.

It seems that one brand (not least) is currently reluctant to embark on the adventure of folding smartphones: Apple. For now, the idea of a folding iPhone is more fan-fiction than a real project, with no rumors of such a product before 2023.

For good reason, the idea of a folding smartphone is to have a tablet right in your pocket. The concept is not suitable for Apple, which ranks first in tablet sales in the world.

Will the American skip the step of the folding smartphone and head straight to the folding screen technology? It's possible. Oppo has proven this possible by unveiling a stunning concept of a folding smartphone.