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Xayn .. Web browser that protects your privacy


German technology company Xayn has launched its web browser focused on protecting privacy, allowing users to regain control of data and search results through a seamless, private and transparent search experience.

Xayn relies on the latest research in the field of privacy protection for artificial intelligence and ethical transparency in accordance with European standards.

There was a lot of talk about how much data companies, like Google and Facebook, have kept about you, and what you want.

Xayn promotes itself, such as Firefox and Opera, as an anti-Google, using a web browser — including a newsreader — that protects your privacy while delivering private search results.

The company says its artificial intelligence, which keeps your identity secret and can check your preferences, offers the best of both worlds.

The stability of products is one of the major problems of restoring your digital life from technology companies, as the search engine has spent a lot of time tracking your record in order to anticipate what you need, and it's hard to start over.

For all those competing platforms that provide the best protection for your privacy, the danger is that search results won't be good.

Xayn hopes to fill this gap using artificial intelligence that a user can train in the early stages of use using a scrolling method.

She says the browser offers preference-based customization in order to provide relevant search results, but he won't know who you are.

"When you open the app, you're taken to the Discovery page that shows you the relevant news headlines, where you can scroll left or right to reject or approve.

Leif Nissen Lundbæk began working on Xayn as a research project while studying for a master's degree from Oxford University and a PhD from Imperial College.

He was joined by Imperial College Professor Michael Huth, a specialist in encryption and cybersecurity, as well as Lundbeck's former colleague, Felix Hahmann.

Xayn relies on a framework called XayNet, which carries anonymous machine learning data to a server before returning the improved form to your phone.

The company says: You should install Xayn instead of the usual web browser within your phone, but the innovative product is not as sophisticated as its competitors, despite its desire to take down Safari and Chrome browsers.