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WHO launches coronavirus application


WHO has launched a mobile app to provide the latest guidance and updates on the Coronavirus.

The app, called WHO COVID-19 Updates, provides reliable information about the virus from health experts.

However, it does not offer features, such as tracking contacts that are very common among applications issued by many governments around the world.

WHO initially brought the coronavirus-focused app in April, but pulled it out of app stores shortly after it was launched because it was not intended for public availability.

The new WHO app works in a very similar fashion to the original application issued by the Agency earlier this year.

WHO COVID-19 Updates is a general-purpose application to reduce the spread of the virus by providing safety tips and updated information.

The app provides news, up-to-date local information, and real-time notifications, depending on your location.

The number of national and global cases calculated is shown across the home screen to allow people to follow the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Scroll down to see all basic hygiene practices, and the app also provides you with a link to allow you to donate to the WHO Coronavirus Response Fund.

In order to provide details about corona symptoms, the app has a screening tab listing serious and mild symptoms.

You can also head to the Learn tab in the app for travel tips and how to protect yourself from the virus.

The app also lists the error information and answers common questions about the Coronavirus.

A custom statistics tab allows you to take a look at the latest corona cases on your site and globally, and the latest number of reported deaths from infectious disease are detailed.

The WHO app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and requires at least Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0.

The application is initially limited to Nigeria and is expected to be launched in other English-speaking countries soon.

The application provides country-specific data to all major regions, regardless of its limited availability at the current stage.