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Turn any YouTube video into text with the new Video To Article


YouTube is the most popular video platform with most of the content we can find on the web. This means that for anything we need for information, we will definitely find something in the platform catalog. However, sometimes we don't have space, time or hardware to enjoy video comfortably. For this reason, we want to offer you an alternative that offers the possibility of converting any video on YouTube into text.

His name is Video To Article and as we mentioned, its function is to copy the content of any video just by pasting the link.

To do this, go to Video To Article and scroll down a bit and you'll see a bar available. There you must paste the video link that you want to convert to text and once you do so, click the "GO" button. The video will be processed immediately and after a few seconds you will see the text at the bottom of the interface.


The tool works very well with many but not all videos, although it contains some errors that may be due to the dictation of the speakers in the video. However, it's worth trying to get texts from any video we need.


Link: v2article