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Try the most powerful data recovery program i use personally and advise everyone

When I do the live broadcast many are those questions that are required to retrieve the data from the computer after it is chopped or deleted some data by mistake, so I always made sure in my answer that it was based on the experience and some programs that I personally use to retrieve binati when it is lost. That's why I have a full explanation of EaseUS Data Recovery, which I personally consider to be the most powerful data recovery program ever, and my experience has been very successful with him for years.

 EaseUS Data Recovery is able to retrieve all kinds of files as well as e-mails, audio files and video, as well as images, as well as can be retrieved from a hard drive or espey memory or as well as memory card, phones, cameras and many devices including RAID technology.

The program is also available on several copies of which are paid and free version. As for the free version, which is the weakest version because it is limited features it will only enable you to recover 2 giga of files as well as will not be able to support and retrieve many files, so I do not advise you this version of Tatha, in contrast there are two paid versions of this program namely the pro version and Data Recovery Wizard for Mac With Bootable Media

Because of the PRo version it is a complete and sufficient version for the average user (like you and like you) being that you can extract as much files without any restrictions as it supports all files and also features special support in case you need technical assistance from the program team.

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac With Bootable Media: Is a version similar to the pro version the only difference is the fact that this version is characterized by its availability on Bootable Media, a feature that enables you to retrieve files from the computer in case there is no possibility to take off or there are problems during takeoff.

For reference, the program can run not only on Windows but also mac and can retrieve files from both systems with the same efficiency. Just make sure that the computer from which the data will be extracted is available on these settings for the operating system:  

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2003

As well as these settings for the hard drive:
FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32 ) exFAT NTFS NTFS 5ext2/ext3HFS+ReFS

Of course the processor must not be less than: x86 and ram 128 mb

As for the way the program is run, it is very simple, only after the application is started and run. Choose the disk from which you want to retrieve the data, then scan or Scan, and the program will extract the files.

  As a summary, easeus Data Recovery is one of the most dangerous programs I have used in retrieving deleted files from the hard drive, but I would like to point out that any successful data recovery requires the use of the software as soon as the hard drive is done as soon as the file is deleted so that the process succeeds significantly


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