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Telegram groups get voice chats

Telegram has announced that groups will receive ongoing group voice chats that members can join and leave as they please.

Since 2013, Telegram has expanded the definition of group chats by adding features such as responses, signals with smart notifications, advanced polls, management tools, and group statistics, while allowing hundreds of thousands of members in each group.

Any Telegram group can now become a permanent lysing voice chat room.

Voice chats work in parallel with text and media-based communications, adding a new layer of temporary conversations to the group and can be used as virtual office space for teams.

Although voice chats are not conference calls, they can achieve similar goals and provide the flexibility required.

Groups with active voice chats have a special bar at the top showing who's currently speaking and how loud their voice is, and this can help you choose the right moment to join.

After joining the voice chat, you can freely navigate within the app, browse conversations, and send messages.

You stay connected to the conversation and the microphone controls remain across the screen, so you can mute your voice and quickly re-sound your voice at any time.

If you're using Android, you can enjoy the full voice chat experience using system-wide floating user interface mini-tools, which display microphone controls and who are currently speaking, even when Telegram is in the background.

You can chat with anyone connected to the Internet or invite more people, and voice chats accommodate a few thousand participants, which means you can use them for everything, such as consulting family members while shopping.

Voice conversations show animations, and Telegram hopes this feature will change the way people collaborate and stay in touch.

The platform will improve it in the coming weeks, listen to your feedback, improve noise prevention, and add more features, such as video and screen sharing.

The platform explained that it has improved the mobile stickers for efficiency and delivering smooth animations at a rate of 180 frames with an infinite resolution of less than 50kb.

Users across Android devices can now transfer Telegram's data from the internal volume to their SD card, allowing those with minimal storage to save more media and files.