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Now you can run Android 11 on your computer without an emulator



 It has been a long time since Android has been working on pc, we are not talking about using the emulator but originally one of the first projects was Android x86 which makes you install Android in the computer, but since two versions a new initiative was added which is Bliss OS.

 If you don't know, Bliss OS is a project originating from Android x86 and promises to bring all portable ROM allocations to your computer. What distinguishes him? Not only are its options and features large, but it is specifically designed for x86-built computers, which offer three things: better performance, less resource consumption and greater compatibility.

Now, Bliss OS has been officially updated to Android 11 thanks to its 14th version. Yes, this design is not yet stable and completely incomplete, but you can install it from now on.

The first alpha version of Bliss OS 14 uses Linux kernel 5.8, the same as android 11 on mobile phones.   As an Alpha version, Bliss OS 14 still has many errors, but little by little will be corrected. Some examples? Bluetooth compatibility or audio problems on some devices or unexpected system reboots.


 Download it at Bliss OS 14