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New Mac devices are now able to run Windows software


Apple's new Mac devices with the M1 chip are capable of running Intel, ARM, macOS and iOS, but Mac users who rely on Windows for some specific software have lost support for boot camp dual-take-off features.

However, CodeWeavers has announced that the 20th version of crossOver is now running on new Mac devices, which means that devices with the M1 chip can run Windows directly from MacOs.

CrossOver is a platform based on the open-source Wine project that can run a virtual windows environment within MacOs and Linux. In other words, the platform allows users to install Windows software, and run them in other operating systems, without having to install a full version of Windows, as is usually the case in virtual devices.

While Apple and Microsoft have confirmed that the new Architecture-based Mac (ARM) devices no longer support Windows — at least for now, CodeWeavers developers have been able to run crossOver 20 on M1-enabled devices.

The latest version of CrossOver simulates the Windows Intel duality system on the MacOs system with Rosetta 2, which simulates the x86 duality system on mac-based new ARM-based devices.

The CrossOver team has succeeded in installing some Windows software on new devices, including the desktop version of Among Us and Team Fortress 2.