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Microsoft warns of the new and dangerous Adrozek virus and here's how to remove it if you get it


Microsoft has warned of a "malware" campaign affecting major web browsers, such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, that add extensions to deliver unauthorized ads on the web.

This malware, named Adrozek, was discovered in May this year and in August showed its peak: 30,000 devices are affected daily, according to Microsoft reports on its official blog.

"Malware" is dedicated to modifying the most common browsers (Edge, Chrome, Yandex and Firefox), in order to show them unauthorized ads to reach as many Internet users as possible.

This way, when users search for keywords, they can accidentally click on these ads, leading to child pages. "Attackers win through affiliate advertising programs, which pay for the amount of traffic referred to affiliate pages they sponsor," Microsoft explains on its security blog.

These "malware" are characterized by their determination and sophistication, as they target different browsers. In addition, it filters credentials, which may expose users to additional risks.

Between May and September, the company recorded "hundreds of thousands of attacks for Adrozek programs "harmful" around the world, with a high concentration in Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

What do I do if I see more ads than usual

If you are exposed to this malware, the first thing we will do is uninstall the browser that has been infected, whether it's Chrome, Firefox, Edge or many of them, we'll have to remove them from your computer. After that, we will have to scan the entire computer using Windows Defender, and we will use an additional anti-malware program like Malwarebytes, to make sure that this threat leaves no trace.