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Huawei has agreed with 40 companies to operate its Harmony OS operating system in 100 million devices


Despite the loss of Google services, Huawei remains one of the most powerful technology companies in many areas of its business, either because of its mobile phones that already have its own mobile services system, smartwatches, audio devices or laptops.

Huawei's operating system is already being tested in China and some of the company's phones, but it will not be limited to phones: the brand plans to bring HarmonyOS to a large part of the home ecosystem. It will not do it alone: As Huawei has confirmed, it has reached agreements with 40 different manufacturers to integrate HarmonyOS into up to 100 million devices.

2020 was a year that Huawei will never forget, as the Us veto has led to chaos in the company, especially internationally. The brand develops Plan B through its HarmonyOS operating system.

Huawei's operating system has been developed as versatile and can be installed on a large number of smart devices. It may be especially targeted for smartphones, but it is also suitable for smartwatches, TVs, cars, smart TVs and home-connected devices...

These days, Huawei Developers Day is held in China, a developers' conference where the company has revealed part of the path that HarmonyOS will take.

The operating system was born with the aim of accessing a large number of devices, not just Huawei devices. In fact, the company revealed that it has reached an agreement with 40 different manufacturers to bring HarmonyOS to up to 100 million devices.

These agreements have been implemented with well-known brands of China's technological ecosystem;