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Everyone on the Internet is calling for instagram to be deleted now... New scandal for the application

Instagram, the social network of images par excellence, has been the focus of internet attention over the past few hours because of a rumor that while browsing the app, the app activates your front camera to see your reactions.

On Facebook, Twitter and even on Instagram itself, many users share memes and more warnings until they remove the app and not fall victim to stealing data and private information from the company itself.

Instagram spy on user cameras aims to use facial recognition for commercial purposes, to deliver ads or accounts that have been turned off more for users' interests.

According to many people on Twitter, Instagram's new privacy policy allows the company to view and analyze things through the front camera, copy the address book, record calls, record SMS, and gather information about everything you're looking for...

If you go to instagram's privacy policy and user data management section, the app agrees that it uses this data to display content that is of greater interest to users. However, the app did not mention that the front camera is used for this purpose.

In instagram's legal information section, we can find what the app is monitoring for advertising purposes. In general, Instagram collects information and content provided by the user, such as their contact network, the labels they use, their location and their affiliation to the products. The app therefore selects the advertising content it displays according to users' interests.

Spying is a very controversial topic in apps and mobile phones. A few weeks ago, for example, TikTok was reported to be reading what its users are saving on their phones.