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Check if your router has been hacked with the F-Secure tool


Most users usually care to your computer and operating system to avoid hackers for example installing antivirus software, firewall, application of privacy procedures, etc. However, computers are not the only items vulnerable to computer attacks.

Router routers, which users usually don't care about, are the elements that process most of the data. It redirects all the information generated on all computers and devices of the Internet, so the penetration of these devices can negatively affect the security and privacy not only of the user but on the entire network.

Router protection is simpler than computer protection, as we generally need to pay attention to changing the Wi-Fi password to avoid nearby attacks and disabling off-line management connections, however, even if the password is often strong, it can provide hackers with remote access, allowing them to control your devices.

In the face of this threat, F-Secure has launched a new tool that allows us to verify whether our router has been compromised and is under the control of hackers. This tool called Router Checker can run from the web fully promising free of charge from the link below.

By clicking on the check button on your router, the tool will analyze many of our router parameters so you will tell us whether it is safe or hacked 

Link :f-secure