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Apps to permanently delete files and photos on your phone


Deleting a file from the internal or external memory of your Android device can be good or bad, depending on your needs. Meaning, if you delete something by accident, it would be good to be able to return it quickly and there are solutions that can be accessed for this purpose. However, what if you want to delete some files forever?

Android has some excellent solutions that you can use to permanently delete files. This way, you can leave it non-recoverable by a program that specializes in file retrieval.

Andro Shredder

Andro Shredder is one of the most popular applications for permanent deletion of files. Its results were tested using different recovery tools and data cannot really be recovered. The app offers different ways to delete files definitively, and in this sense, you can do this selectively or delete complete guides. It also has filters for photos and videos, allowing automatic elimination of these types of files. These filters can also be adjusted more deeply, allowing them to be selected based on their date of creation.


Additionally, you can schedule deletion tasks by selecting the date, time, and directory where items to delete will be found.


Shredder is a very powerful application that promises to leave the files you delete completely unrecoverable. To achieve this, 11 different algorithms are used to remove digital files that seek to make items unusable by making redundant deletions.

The app uses a well-accomplished and intuitive interface, which any user can recognize in seconds. When you turn it on, you will have all the options available, from individual selection of files to photo, music and video filters. This way, it's just about choosing the file you want to delete and choosing "Shred Files" to make it completely impossible to retrieve.



It is a very simple application to permanently delete files from Android . The app is offered without a lot of tools, and the interface is a file explorer interface where you just need to select what you want to delete to make it completely unrecoverable. The process is reduced to a few simple steps, which are guaranteed by applying different deletion algorithms to destroy files.