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5 of the most important new features in the upcoming Edge 88 browser version


Microsoft has launched the upcoming version of the browser (Edge) which holds the number 88 for users in the stable channel in preparation for its launch for the general public in January 2021, where the new version contains many features that highlight Microsoft's efforts to compete strongly with chrome browser (Chrome) Chrome, which holds more than 66% of the market share of web browsers across all operating systems, according to the latest statistics of W3Counter.

Here are 5 of the top new features in Microsoft's Edge 88 browser version:

1. Sleepy Tabs feature:

Sleeping Tabs improves browser performance by reducing browser consumption of RAM and CPU on your computer, Microsoft says: "This feature will reduce RAM usage by an average of 32% and reduce processor usage by an average of 37% so it helps extend laptop battery life as well."

In response to comments from trial users, the company has added some updates to the feature, which include:

  • Add an option to pause tabs after five minutes of inactivity.
  • Group policies to better manage sleeper tabs, available to IT administrators.
  • Improved visual processing to clearly show sleepy tabs in edge browser without distracting you from your task.

2. Vertical tabs feature:

Vertical Tabs make it easier to access and manage open tabs in edge browser by moving them to the left of the screen in portrait form for more focus and non-distraction.

In addition, the feature allows you to easily reorganize active tabs because it also supports drag and drop, but you can't access both standard planning and vertical planning at the same time, Microsoft said earlier this year: this feature is aimed at users who open dozens of tabs in Microsoft Edge browser at the same time.

3. Remove FTP protocol support:

Microsoft will officially remove the support for the old FTP protocol from the upcoming Edge 88 browser version, where from edge 88, the attempt to switch to the FTP link in the browser will direct the user to open an external application to deal with the FTP link, in addition to which the flash player's capabilities will be removed and officially stopped supporting in this version.

4- Improving security features:

The upcoming Edge browser version will have many features that enhance user security, including:

  • Hacked password alerts: Your browser will alert you if your passwords are found in any online data breach, where passwords stored by the browser are verified and used to log on to different websites.
  • View site permissions by location and last activity: The next version of edge 88 will allow you to manage the site's permissions more easily, as you will be able to view permissions through the website instead of just the type of permission, in addition, you can browse all the recent changes to the site's permissions.
  • Cookie Management: In the next Edge 88 browser version, the user will be able to delete third-party cookies without affecting first-party cookies, in addition to which the user will also be able to filter their third-party cookies and sort them by name, number of cookies, amount of data stored and the last modification.

5- A new way to read PDF documents:

In the next Edge 88 browser version, you can view PDF documents on a single page or view two corresponding pages such as a book, add text notes written to any part of the text in PDF documents, and view web pages that are archived as PDF files in the download bar.