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WhatsApp makes it easy to shop within its app


Facebook said last October that WhatsApp will start offering in-app hosting and purchase services directly, in a new effort to increase revenue from the instant messaging app, while linking its e-commerce infrastructure to all its services.

Today, the service has launched the Shopping Button, which allows the user to go to the list of products offered by the business.

Facebook, which has the world's largest social network with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, is trying to increase sales of its services, which are growing at a higher rate than its social network, such as the photo and video sharing service Instagram, and WhatsApp, which it bought in 2014 for $19 billion, but has not generated the required income since then.

The new WhatsApp button allows companies to sell products directly within the app through Facebook Stores, an online store launched by Facebook last May to offer a unified shopping experience through Facebook apps.

The button, which WhatsApp says will be available worldwide, resembles the storefront icon. If a company sets up an index of products, the user can click the button to view it. He will then be able to chat with the company if anything is noticed. The button will be placed where the voice call button is used — instead the individual call button will have options for both audio and video calls.

Oddly enough, there is no official payment option yet. The video that features the feature shows the "Business Message" option, but there's no button to buy or "add to the shopping cart."

WhatsApp recently posted another video showing her vision: "To what extent do we think it's easy to send messages to a company." There was an option called "Add to the Shopping Cart" on display in this demo. The new button is only the first step towards a more powerful shopping experience via WhatsApp, however, the company's spokesperson has not confirmed when the new service will be expanded.