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New Mac computers won't support external graphics cards



While Apple was promoting the improved graphicability of Mac devices, which contain its new M1 M1 processor, it was noted during the event that the chip does not support external graphics card technologies.

AppleInsider, an Apple news specialist, confirmed that the new devices will not support any external graphics cards. This means that 13-inch MacBook Air, mac mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro will only be limited to internal graphics processing units.

The site said: This confirms earlier doubts after developer support documents seemed to indicate that support for all non-Apple GPU units would fall. The current developers document now essentially refers to what it describes as "Apple family's graphics processing units."

Moreover, Apple has removed its preferred solution, Blackmagic eGPU, from the list of accessories compatible with MacMini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the new M1 processor.

In a separate story about the new MacBook Air, although it appears almost identical from the outside to the previous MacBook Air computer, but some have noted that the familiar keyboard has changed, Apple has replaced some function keys on the new device, adding new keys to functions, such as: Spotlight, Do Not Disturb, and Dictation.

The last time the MacBook Air keyboard function was changed was to add the Touch ID button to secure passwords and payment details. The company has now removed the brightness keys for the keyboard, as well as the Launchpad button.

Also in the news related to Apple, the analyst (Ming-Chi Ko) said that the company will not soon launch a new iPhone SE, or (iPhone SE Plus) a possible iPhone SE Plus, early 2021.

The analyst, who is the most famous for Apple leaks, said the earliest launch time for a new iPhone SE will be in the second half of next year.