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Microsoft Teams allows business applications to be integrated into meetings


Microsoft has launched a new feature for its Video Conferencing Service (Teams) that allows users to integrate popular business service applications, such as Asana.

Tims was previously limited to chats and channel communication, but now users can integrate 20 new apps into their meetings. For example, users can discuss a project built using the Asana service and modify it with others in meetings conducted through the service.

U.S. software giant Microsoft said the new meeting applications are coming to join more than 700 apps already available at the Teams App Store.


 Microsoft has made its Power Platform — which provides developers with the tools to build applications, chatbots, workflows, and deployment — available within the Timms service. Using the Power Apps app, users can manage application data, communications, and build and modify app interfaces.

In addition, Microsoft has made data for Teams available for use at Teams to help administrators control the data used to build applications and other processes at Teams.

In late October, Microsoft revealed the dramatic growth in the number of users of its video conferencing service (TimeZ) during the new CORONAvirus (COVID-19) pandemic that forced people to work and study from home.

During the first quarter of 2021, Microsoft Teams has exceeded 115 million active users daily, said Satya Nadella, CEO of Us software giant Satya Nadella. This represents a 53 percent increase from 75 million daily active users in April. About 15 months ago, the app had only 13 million active users per day.

"Teams now has more than 115 million active users every day," Nadella said. "We are seeing an increase in usage and intensity, as people communicate, collaborate, and participate in the content industry through work, life and learning. Microsoft 365 users produced more than 30 billion minutes of collaboration simultaneously during the current quarter."

In fact, Microsoft is engaged in a virtual meeting war with Google and Zoom. Google Met has seen nearly 100 million participants in meetings in a single day. Microsoft Times has seen more than 200 million meetings, while Zoom has more than 300 million participants in meetings in a single day. Noting that unlike the number of active users per day, the number of participants in the meeting calculates the same user more than once.