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36 devices mozilla warns you not to buy.. Get to know her


We all love taking our credit card and spending money in the various stores that flood the internet.  However, now buying online has its risks because not only you have to be careful in the store you are buying from, but you also have to be careful what you buy. Why a? Because according to Mozilla there are many electronic devices that do not respect the privacy of their users and therefore it is better to avoid them.

Although Google Chrome is the most used browser today, we have all installed and tested Firefox. It has long been one of the safest and most private browsers on the Internet, and although its popularity is no longer the same, it still has many followers.

Well, as we read in Android Authority, Mozilla has prepared a list of technological products to avoid.

Among the best known products, there are some popular products such as NVIDIA Shield TV, Kobo e-books, Huawei Honor Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band or Facebook's Oculus Virtual Reality Glasses. These products, as well as many of them you will find in the link below the article, you should not buy them as long as you value your privacy.

So, if you're considering making technological gifts on Black Friday or this Christmas, it's best to take a look at the menu that Mozilla shares and avoid all products classified as "not privacy-friendly"

Source: Mozilla