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The best software to convert videos into 3D movies ... and versa

In recent times, many companies producing films and even animation have started using 3D technology in their films, and perhaps this was admired by many people as this technology provides many advantages and offers you an ideal and more realistic viewing experience, in turn, many people wish If they watch some of their favorite movies in 3D, but unfortunately they were not made with these standards, because 3D technology has only recently appeared, in this new post I decided to present to you the most prominent programs for converting regular 2D into 3D films, based on modern technologies, as well as These are paid programs, and you can try the free version that has limited capabilities.

 Aiseesoft 3D Converter

Downloading the program will provide you with many features, and for your information, it is easy to use, so that you can convert regular movies or videos to 3D, and also on the contrary convert 3D videos to 2D or D3 movie to D3 reduced or advanced, and by uploading the video you can choose the type of conversion, and you will have a screen At the top for the preview, in addition to the ability to control the quality, and finally the file format and place of saving, you can simply make Convert and the program will do its work.
Note: If you encounter a problem in converting, or you are asked to key the program, you should search for a complete copy, or crack of the program.

Tipard 3D Converter

It is considered as the best alternative to the previous program, as it provides you with the ability to convert any 2D movies into 3D 3D videos, and vice versa, and it is also available on the Windows 7 operating system or later, in addition to support for impressive conversion techniques and believe me, you will like the result, but as usual, the program Paid, and you should consider buying it ($ 35), or using an unlicensed copy to take advantage of its full features.


 Movavi Video Converter

 It is among the best video format converting programs, as it provides you with a complete control panel that allows you to convert different formats, and also it supports converting 2D movies to 3D and vice versa, what this program provides cannot be described, as it contains many tools, the most important of which are: Cut And rotate the video, change the resolution, control the sound and lighting, add subtitles, etc., and you can also benefit from the reduced program, which provides you with limited capabilities like the previous programs.