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Is browsing the Internet with a Wi-Fi network safer than 4G?


Source image: privateinternetaccess.com

 To get the most out of a smartphone, an internet connection is required. As we all know, there are two more popular ways to connect to the Internet from a mobile phone. The first is through Wi-Fi and the second is through the 4G data package despite the fact that 5G is gaining more and more followers.

But what is the most private way to browse? Is Wi-Fi or 4G more secure? Are we at risk when using the Internet from our smartphones?
Regardless of whether you use a mobile phone or computer, surfing the Internet always has risks. Internet fraud or computer attacks are more and more frequent and hence we have to be very careful when using technology, especially if we are dealing with private information or sensitive data.

 We all know the problems with connecting to Wi-Fi, especially the public ones, such as coffee shops or malls. In these networks, a security system is not usually created to access them i.e. password so they can be vulnerable to potential hacker attacks.

This means that a hacker can perfectly penetrate these networks, and be able to access the data of the devices you are connecting to. We also cannot forget another technology created by hackers, which is creating free access points without a password. The user takes the bait and accesses that network, and the hacker already has access to all the information he wants.

In another context, we have 4G data from our smartphone. Fortunately, all information that passes through our 4G data is encrypted, and although nothing is safe from danger, the truth is that it is a safer infrastructure for the user than any public Wi-Fi. In other words, it is very difficult for a hacker - if not nearly impossible - to access the information on a smartphone over 4G, which cannot be said for Wi-Fi.

For all this, we recommend that you always be very careful when using Wi-Fi in public places and of course, never connect to networks without a password. We have in our smartphone a lot of private information that we definitely don't want anyone to see, so when you leave the house, with 4G always activated, stop using wireless networks.