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How to do the new Safe Folder that Google added to your phone to protect your files



 It has become necessary to secure personal files in order to protect them from the risks of hacking or even from accidents such as phone theft, for example. Therefore, Google launched a feature in the "Google Files" application through which you can create a folder and use it as a personal storage to store important files inside it and protect it with your own "PIN" protection code and block applications Or the system has access to it.

 The "Safe Folder" feature, to use it, you will have to download the "Google Files" manager for free from the link below the post and through the main interface, go to the "Browse" tab at the bottom, then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the "Collection" option, and inside it the "Safe Folder" option. Click on it and set a personal security code to open the secure folder and view the files inside it.


To add files to the safe folder, select the files, then press the "three dots" menu, then click on the "Move to safe folder" option. The files will be moved and moved within the safe folder immediately after entering the security code that you set.

 link app: Google Files