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Google launches smart backpack with JACQUARD technology

Source image :indiatoday.in

Google and Samsonite have launched a smart backpack using Google's Jacquard technology, and this backpack, called Konnect-i, comes in two different models that combine a number of functions for those making quick tours or having to travel to the workplace.

In the case of the backpack, on the left strap, as you can see in the photo. The user only needs to configure the touch gestures that will trigger certain actions on the mobile device. For example, activate a command in Google Assistant, play songs, take calls, and take a selfie.

So with a double tap on the belt, and moving your palm up or down, you can perform various movements without touching the mobile phone. On the other hand, the user can also receive "alerts" (for example, if they receive a text message) in the form of vibration or with color changes in the indicator light.

To implement this dynamic, the user must place the Jacquard Tag Module on the back strap, as shown in the photo. Then it remains only to sync the unit with the mobile phone via bluetooth, and configure actions using the Jacquard app.

In the video that the Google team shared, you can see how Jacquard Tag works in their various products:

As for price, this smart backpack is around 234,44 usd, and the top model is around 258.00 usd.