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Get to know this free software for making 3D animation and games


Over the years, the free Blender program is considered by all 3D animation makers, as well as game makers, as a weak program with few capabilities and bad graphics, and despite these pitfalls, it continued to make updates until today until it became the superior program overall paid programs, there are many companies that decided Working with it, especially since it is free and has high capabilities, in addition to the number of things that you can create using it, which made it a global competitor for all paid programs of course, if you can learn it, you will notice the great difference that has become in recent times.

 Among the important news about the blender program with its recent update is the news that the well-known company, Epic Games, has donated a very large sum of $ 1.2 million from MegaGrant in order to support it to provide new updates as well as to allow game designers to learn the program and apply it for free and without charge and provide high quality render.

The famous Ubisoft company, a leader in the field of creating, publishing and distributing entertainment and interactive services, has decided to take the Blender program as a basic program in their digital business industry, whether it is 3D movies or games, and this is due to the development that has occurred to the program in the new updates and you can see all works from the official website link and download in form Complete and free.

 As you can see, international leading companies in the 3D animation and games industry have adopted the free blender program, which has become a strong competitor to other paid programs. Its ease has proven itself, especially as it contains many international languages, so I advise you to try it and start using it.