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Free program to compress a group of images while maintaining their quality

Compressing images and reducing their large size is important whether you want to store images on your device or share them on the Internet, which saves you space on the hard disk or saves you phone data and speeds up the sharing process. There are many sites and programs that provide image compression, but most of them are not free or not It provides the advantage of compressing more than one image at once, so we will learn in this post on a program that provides you with that for free.

Imagine is a free and open source program available in a portable version for Windows, Mac and Linux, through which you can compress more than one image at once without the need to connect to the Internet from the desktop and reduce its size without losing its original quality. Download the program from the link below the post, either the portable version or the one that is installed, and after running the program click on the Add button and then choose the set of images that you want to compress, and the program will start to compress them automatically. You will get the results in the form of cards through which you can know the compression ratio or convert a format Image, recompress the image at a different percentage, or save the image


Clicking on any card will display the image in a separate window so that you can zoom the image from the mouse wheel, change the background, and see the difference in quality before and after compression as in the image.


 When you click on the Save button, you will be given 3 saving options
1. Save and overwrite to save the compressed images and delete the original
2. Save with new name auto to save the compressed images without deleting the original
3. Export to to save the compressed images in a different path

 Note: The program supports compressing the most popular JPEG, PNG and WebP image extensions with the ability to convert between them, but ImageMagick must be installed in order to convert images to PNG.