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Colorizer is a program to colorize old photos with high accuracy


Colorize old photos in high resolution and at the press of a button, using this free program
Some of us may have old pictures inherited from our parents, which were taken when the cameras were in black and white only, and these pictures may be important and dear to the person among us, so we will learn a way to color these pictures and make them as if they were taken with a modern camera.


 Picture Colorizer is one of the most powerful free tools to color black and white or monochrome images using artificial intelligence, it gives amazing results in a very easy way due to its simple and smooth interface. Then download the program from the link below the post. After installing and running the program, click on the "Add Images" button and select the image you want to color. Once the image is added, the coloring process is done directly and you do not need to intervene because the program does everything automatically.


 The image will appear in the program window after coloring, and the program displays other styles of the image with various improvements. Choose the best one that you find suitable for your image. You can also make other adjustments manually such as changing the level of brightness, contrast and color saturation.

 Note: The program supports GIF, PNG, JPEG and BMP formats, whether static or animated.

Link: Colorizer