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Very important for those who want to keep their eyes healthy while using a computer.


Perhaps many of you suffer from vision problems, to say that the common culprit apart from genetics is the frequent use of computers.
Not only is vision impaired while using various electronic devices, it is clear that many people suffer from other frequent problems, such as back pain, lack of focus ... etc., as we have separated in a previous topic.

What is the harm of rays to the eyes?

When using a computer, whether desktop or laptop, it emits x-rays, electromagnetic, ultraviolet, and infrared rays, which affect the eyes directly.
Out of sight, it is clear that all of these rays affect the body's immunity (due to a lack of melatonin) and neurotransmitters so that we notice a marked impairment of focus.

In some cases, dry eyes occur due to a lack of blinking.

How do we feel the damage in the eye?

Many people may wonder about the symptoms of an eye injury, which we gathered in the following points:

  • A feeling of fatigue after use.
  • The development of a marked sensitivity to light.
  • Vision is often blurry.
  • Burning eye with dehydration.
  • Feeling a headache after using it.

Preventive Tips:

It seems that preventive advice is not to use the devices a lot, and you can try different modes such as the dark mode, and try to reduce the brightness of the screen.
To protect other organs such as the back, it is recommended that you sit up straight and take a break every half hour.

I use a computer a lot, and my work is related to it .. What should I do?
The precautions mentioned above should be taken, in addition to that, I advise you to buy protective glasses from computer rays, which reflect them.
These glasses are available for sale in various electronic stores, and I will put a link for you at the bottom of the article in order to be able to buy it, and you can notice after wearing them easy sight, and a great lack of rays, and with this, you will be able to protect your eyes.

It is clear that the price of glasses is a little high (about 20 to 40 dollars depending on the brand), and for this we do not recommend buying cheap glasses, because they are normal and do not block the rays, and you can buy them from the links below instead of choosing the cheapest ones and being deceived.

Purchase links:

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