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TEXTREEL service for converting text and audio to video


Source image: https://wwwhatsnew.com


Audio-to-text tools, and other tools that create automatic videos, but so far we haven't covered anything that turns text into video.

 That's what Textreel does, a web app that gets the text we tell us and creates a video automatically, and charges $ 0.30 for every minute it's created.

The result can be customized to indicate what kind of animation you want to appear in the video, we can also make the words as colorful as the reading flow, or just a few words appear on each screen. Color, font, and other variables related to aesthetics are details that can also be selected in this service.
As the text passes by, the narrator is responsible for reading what we have sent, so it syncs with the animation.

Although some may not be fans of only text videos, I realize that something like this can be of benefit to a lot of people.