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Microsoft is entering a 5G race with telecom operator cloud service



Source image:deccanherald.com

Today, Monday, Microsoft unveiled a new cloud platform that aims to enable telecom operators to build 5G networks faster, reduce costs, and sell customized services to business customers.

After banning the Chinese company Huawei from its communications network, the US government pushed major American companies, such as Microsoft, to participate more in the fifth generation networks, a technology that promises to enable everything; From self-driving cars to remote surgery and more robotic manufacturing.

Microsoft said: The new platform will be on Azure - Microsoft's leading service in the field of cloud computing - and the company says it will reduce infrastructure costs, give flexibility to add services on demand and use artificial intelligence to automate processes.

Youssef Al-Khalidi - Vice President of Azure Networking told Reuters: The company may reduce costs by 30 percent to 40 percent in some cases.

The company, the developer of Windows systems and Office programs, entered the arena of 5G networks after it acquired cloud companies Affirmed Networks and Metaswitch earlier this year.

"We got the DNA of the communications field through these acquisitions, and we went from a small number of engineers in this field to literally hundreds of engineers," Khalidi said. “On the other hand, the foundational parts, including this: our edge computing, have been in the pipeline for many years,” he added.

The company has already partnered with companies ranging from telecom operators such as Verizon and AT&T to network equipment companies such as Samsung and Mavenir; Either to use or sell the new platform to clients.

"Microsoft's move will increase competition with existing 5G service vendors, such as: Nokia and Ericsson," said (Nicholas Macquire) - an analyst at CCS Insight.